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Cheese and Moscatel

We will start this journey in the morning, at Saint John Square in Palmela with a presentation of some of the bests “moscateis”  ( Moscatel Wines ) in the world.

After this, we leave through the countryside of this region, where we will have the opportunity to identify some typical grape varieties of this region. We will arrive to a very special cellar and will meet the producer and his history. Lunch will be served at this location and during lunch we will taste some of the wines from this producer.

Full of good energy, we will continue our journey toward a typical cheese factory, where we will learn about the production process of the buttery cheese Azeitão, a gastronomic icon of this region.

Also, after this experience, we will some cheeses azeitão  paired with the World Best Moscatel from Venancio da Costa Lima. Afterwards we finish again in Saint John Square.

Minimum 2 participants.

Pick up at the hotel to Palmela Region

Lunch at a Winery

Moscatel and Cheese tasting

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