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Italy Spain Portugal Europe is the home of the best worldwide known wines and exquisite dishes. It is called the sophisticated cuisine of the world. From Roman Times to Nouvelle Cuisine, in Europe all the options are available.
El Transcantábrico
A Cruise Train

As you travel along the coast of the Cantabrian Sea and cross rivers, woods and deep valleys, it is obvious that good food must play a very important role on the route of El Transcantábrico. Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, the Basque Country and Castilla y León are, in the opinion of the most fastidious chefs and gourmets, the regions where you can still find the best cuisine in Spain. The cheeses, sausages, meat, vegetables, fish and seafood are all universally renowned.

Horses, Bulls and Jerez
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The Basque Country
A gastronomic experience

The Basque Country is the gourmet epicenter of Spain, with many Michelin starred restaurants such as Arzak, Akelare and Berasetegui, along with “Gastronomic Societies” and famous tapas bars. Foodies from across the planet make their way to this Gourmet Mecca every year, just to dine at San Sebastian’s multitude of Michelin star restaurants and try the tapas or pintxos as they known locally.

La Rioja
The wine experience

La Rioja has become synonymous with Spanish wine. These earthy wines from the north of Spain gained fame in the Middle Ages, when pilgrims walking west to Santiago de Compostela traversed Rioja’s picturesque vineyards and villages, replenishing their energy along the way with local wines made by medieval monks. During this trip, you’ll sample a range of prestigious Rioja wines, from vintages aged in medieval caves through to wines produced in the most avant-garde installations.  You’ll visit renowned estates and smaller boutique wine producers, depending on your preference.

A private cooking class
This unforgettable day-long tour includes a visit to the city's most talked about marketplace, La Boqueria, a gourmet cooking class with a Spanish chef and a delicious 3-course meal - and  that's only in the morning! In  the   afternoon, you will discover the heart of the old city, the Gothic Quarter, and marvel at its architecture and history. On a gourmet walking tour of this district, you will try fresh local cheeses, wines, dried fruits, nuts and a regional favorite, chocolate con churros.
A taste of Catalonia, PALS
A day of culinary artwork

The morning of your one-day foray into Catalonia starts with a guided transfer from Barcelona to Pals, a romantic, picturesque and one of the best-preserved medieval villages in all of Spain! As you walk through the narrow village streets, next to the city walls, towers and churches, you will feel as though you have walked into a new time altogether. The stone archways, cobblestone streets, and wrought balconies adorned with flowers create a welcoming feel in this Romanesque village.

Around Barcelona
A luxury getaway . Spa & Wine

We believe that there are different luxury levels and different behaviors in the consumers when they discover them. An expert in the matter is the consumer that knows what he wants, looks for it and has already investigated about it. He knows which wine is different, because he has deepened in the subject and he knows the pleasure to live it in all the senses because it has become jumbled with. So, for you to become an expert consumer of luxury, we offer this experience to you.

Cave and wine
In Catalonia, Penedes & Tarragona

The  Penedès region located between the mountains of Montserrat and Garraf are full of fascinating contrast. With the common denominator of the vine, wine and cava, each different location offers a new landscape, an exquisite dish, outstanding historical heritage.

Wine therapy for the Body & Soul

For centuries spa body therapy treatments have been embraced for their revitalising and therapeutic effects. From Wine elements to Therapeutic Clay wraps, these treatments detoxify your body, de-stress your mind and revitalize your skin.

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